Swimming Pool Repair and Pool Equipment Repair

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Pool Repairs are an unfortunate part of owning a pool.  Corts Pools can help!  Our certified pool repair and industry trained experts will assess your swimming pool or spa and develop an accurate, affordable pool service solution for you.

Pool Equipment Diagnostics and Repair

Are you not quite sure what the problem is with your Pool Equipment? Perhaps a pump that is noisy, priming problems, heater problems, leaky components? No problem, our pool techs are can diagnose and isolate the problems and fix it quick.

We offer full-service pool repair. We can repair and replace all major brands of swimming pool equipment including pool pumps, motors, heaters, filters, timers, lights, pool cleaners, and automation systems.

Pool Filter Services and Repair

For your pool filter to perform optimally and maintain water purity, it is necessary that the filter is routinely serviced. We do filter cleans, filter grid replacement, and total filter unit replacements.

Pool Equipment Automation and Repair

Today’s pools have lots of technology to control your pool equipment and features with the simple touch of a button, but often technical issues and equipment failures can happen. We can help relieve the frustration of pool technology automation issues.


Are you experiencing any of these pool equipment problems?

Your pool water doesn’t circulate properly

Of course, the filter may just be real dirty, or there may be a blockage in the suction line. Often it is a result of a shrunken fitting entering the inlet of the pump causing it to pull in air and lose the ability to prime. This can happen if the pool water gets too low allowing the pump to run without water and causing the PVC pump fittings and pump seal to shrink allowing additional unwanted air. This is a perfect situation to call Corts Pools, so we can get this fixed quickly to avoid any further damage or lost money.

Is your pool pump noisy?

If it is a grinding sound and you have confirmed that it is the pool pump making the sound, there may be something stuck in the impellor. This issue typically requires disassembling the pump to remove the object.

Most often, the issue is a failed motor bearing. Many times this is due to water damage from moisture getting into the bearings and causing corrosion inside the pump. Regardless, your pool pump should be relatively quiet so if it’s not there may be a problem. We can diagnose the problem and offer the best available solution.

Your pool pump won’t turn on

There are many factors in regards to pool pumps and why they don’t turn on. It could be anything from home automation, circuit breakers to failed protective GFCI outlets installed for safety to prevent electrocution. With all these factors, we suggest that you hire a professional to assess and fix the problem.


What Our Customers Are Saying About Corts Pool Repair Service!

Wow! No one wanted to mess with my hot tub, which wasn’t working…Cort came out, diagnosed the problem and ordered the parts. In about a week it was all fixed and ready for use. All for WAY less money than I imagined. Highly recommended!

Mike S. Temecula, CA

I bought a foreclosed home in Temecula with a green pool… I am not exaggerating, I called about 20 different pool service places, just scrolling through the google map pages, and Cort was the only one who answered. Not only that, he came RIGHT out to my house and the work on the pool was finished within a few hours. He was professional, informative and just all around awesome. I would recommend him to absolutely anyone with a pool.

Martin W. Temecula, CA

I recently purchased a foreclosed home here in Temecula that had an old green pool. After the purchase a neighbor referred me to Corts Pool Service. Cort, the owner not only cleaned my pool and made it look perfect, but he took the time to explain how to use the system and stayed until ALL my question were answered.

Steve R. Temecula, CA