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What is Pool Bead Blasting?

Glass Bead blasting or pool bead blasting is a shot blast process which removes calcium deposits by applying fine glass beads to a low air pressure stream which gently removes deposits without damaging the surface.It is used to clean calcium deposits from Pebble Tech, stone, and many other surfaces. It also removes embedded algae and brightens tile grout color. Glass bead blasting is a safe and effective technique to completely remove the calcium and scale deposits from your back yard attraction! The results are far better than using harsh acids and chemicals which take more time and money to remove the scale.

What Are Glass Beads?

Glass beads are preformed ball shapes made from lead-free, soda lime type glass, containing no free silica material. Glass beads provide a significantly smoother and brilliant finish, without damage to stone or Pebble Tec. Glass beads are can be recycled about 30 times because they are easy to vacuum up. Glass bead blasting is an excellent method for removing calcium from Pebble Tec and stone because it is environmentally friendly and chemically inert.

Our Process Will Have Your Pool Tile Clean In Just A few Hours.

  • Step 1: We Lower the Water Level To Expose Your Tile

    Before we can start the pool blasting process, we need to lower the pools water level about 6 inches below the tile line using a submersible pump. This allows us to clearly see and access the calcium deposits on your pool tile or Pebble Tec surface.

  • Step 2: Our Team Prepares for the Tile Cleaning Process

    After the water is lowered, we get in the pool with our specially built pool bead blasting equipment. Glass bead blasting is the best method for removing minerals and calcium deposits from your swimming pools Pebble Tec and delivers outstanding results. They are environmentally friendly and do not involve the use of chemicals which can harm your pool and leave an unwanted residue. Additionally, using glass beads in the calcium removal process ensures that your swimming Pebble Tec and pool tile will not be damaged.

  • Step 3: We Remove the Mineral and Calcium Deposits

    The glass beads are then blasted against your Pebble Tec and pool tile at a very low pressure to delicately remove mineral, calcium buildup, and chemical residue.

  • Step 4: We Clean and Wipe Down Your Pool Surface

    Once the glass bead blasting is completed, we wipe down the tile and Pebble Tec surface to eliminate any extra debris around the pools waterline and polish the tile to enhance the appearance and shine. This is when you can see just how dramatically improved the pool tile or Pebble Tec appears after the surface has been cleaned and the calcium has been removed.

  • Step 5: Finally We Clean Your Pool

    Finally, we use our vacuum system to clean the glass beads out of your swimming pool to complete the cleaning process.

Before and After Tile Cleaning Images

What Our Customers Are Saying About Corts Pool Tile Cleaning Service!

Wow! No one wanted to mess with my hot tub, which wasn’t working…Cort came out, diagnosed the problem and ordered the parts. In about a week it was all fixed and ready for use. All for WAY less money than I imagined. Highly recommended!

Mike S. Temecula, CA

I bought a foreclosed home in Temecula with a green pool… I am not exaggerating, I called about 20 different pool service places, just scrolling through the google map pages, and Cort was the only one who answered. Not only that, he came RIGHT out to my house and the work on the pool was finished within a few hours. He was professional, informative and just all around awesome. I would recommend him to absolutely anyone with a pool.

Martin W. Temecula, CA

I recently purchased a foreclosed home here in Temecula that had an old green pool. After the purchase a neighbor referred me to Corts Pool Service. Cort, the owner not only cleaned my pool and made it look perfect, but he took the time to explain how to use the system and stayed until ALL my question were answered.

Steve R. Temecula, CA