Tips When Hiring Pool Service Contractors

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It’s the season to open your pool and get it ready for swimming! Lots of families in the area have already started to call pool companies in their area, looking for quotes and estimate – and of course, looking for the best price for pool maintenance when hiring pool service contractors.

Tips And Tricks From Corts Pool Service About Hiring Pool Service Contractors.

  1. Check, check, check to see if they are certified and insured. You don’t want just anyone messing with the chemical balance of your pool, and you want someone who is thoroughly trained to make your pool water entirely safe for your family!
    Hint: Corts Pools is Trained and Certified by: the National Swimming Pool Foundation, and Insured and Certified by the Independent Pool and Spa Association.
  2. Ask what sort of pools and water that they have experience with. Will they do salt water? Heated Pools? Large Pools? Small pools? In-ground pools, above-ground pools?
    Hint: Corts Pools has experience with every type pf swimming pool and water type including salt water pools.
  3. Find out if they service your pump and filters. There are many different types, including: Single Speed, Multi Speed, Variable Speed, Sand, Bio Balls, Cartridge, and DE.
    BIG HINT: Corts Pools has experience with every type pf pool pump and filter under the sun.

Want to save money on your pool pumping and filtering bills? Do you need to save electricity?

We can help. VS, or Variable Speed Pumps are one of our specialties. The best reason to get a variable speed pump is that it will save you money on your electric bill. VS pumps can save up to 90% of your pool pumping and filtering costs – and that can add up to $1000 per year, or more – depending upon the size of your pool and your filtering needs.

Ask us about variable speed filters – they pay for themselves!

What’s up with Pool Water?

We know that the first thing everyone wants to see is a crystal clear pool, ready to dive into. The reality is that over winter, your pool probably got a little dirty. Algae, mold, and other bad guys lurk in the corners, darkening the water and making it cloudy. In the first week of service, we will treat your pool and get it ready for an all-out war on algae, mold, mildew, and germs. We promise to get your pool in shape for the season! Just be sure to call us as soon as possible.

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