Swimming Pool Acid Washing, Pool Draining and Green To Clean

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Acid washing is a popular option for cleaning stains off plaster pool walls. It can save you time and money as opposed to re-plastering. Gallons of Muriatic Acid is used when performing an acid wash which actually “etches” or dissolves away a thin layer of the pools plaster revealing a new white layer below. This type of pool cleaning is powerful and more appropriate for removing difficult stains plaster stains. The periodic use of an acid wash is an excellent option for restoring your pool surface to a clean new look.

Clean Up Your Green Pool

Pro Tip: If you can’t see the bottom of the pool then a draining your pool is necessary. We can clean green pools with filtering, chemicals, and hours of labor but if the pools bottom is no longer visible the cost of labor and chemicals usually surpasses that of draining the pool.

Acid Wash or Chlorine Wash For A Green Pool?

If the pool has recently turned green, then a chlorine wash usually bleaches out the recent algae growth. However, If the pool has been sitting untreated or neglected for an extended period causing black algae growth to develop deep into the plaster, then an acid wash is necessary to get the clean the walls and remove the stains left by the algae.

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Does Your Pool Have Stained, Yellow or Dull Plaster?

Pool plaster can become discolored and stained over time as a result of mineral build up in the water due to water evaporation leaving behind all the minerals and dissolved solids. By removing the mineral stains, dirt stains, iron stains, chlorine stains and calcium build up with an acid wash we can make your pool look new again.

How do we acid wash a swimming pool?

We start by draining your pool completely and removing any debris and do a chlorine wash to kill any algae that’s present. We then mix a 50/50 solution of water and muriatic acid and start pouring across the walls in sections beginning at the top. We leave this acid solution on the walls for 30 seconds or less and scrub the plaster with a brush. We then repeat this process two or more times until the stains are removed and we achieve the desired plaster color. To renew the plaster on heavily stained plaster sometimes a stronger acid solution is required. Typically an acid wash can be done multiple times over the lifetime of the plaster since an acid wash only removes a tiny amount of plaster when done.

For more detailed information on acid washing you can read this article: http://www.wikihow.com/Acid-Wash-a-Swimming-Pool

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Wow! No one wanted to mess with my hot tub, which wasn’t working…Cort came out, diagnosed the problem and ordered the parts. In about a week it was all fixed and ready for use. All for WAY less money than I imagined. Highly recommended!

Mike S. Temecula, CA

I bought a foreclosed home in Temecula with a green pool… I am not exaggerating, I called about 20 different pool service places, just scrolling through the google map pages, and Cort was the only one who answered. Not only that, he came RIGHT out to my house and the work on the pool was finished within a few hours. He was professional, informative and just all around awesome. I would recommend him to absolutely anyone with a pool.

Martin W. Temecula, CA

I recently purchased a foreclosed home here in Temecula that had an old green pool. After the purchase a neighbor referred me to Corts Pool Service. Cort, the owner not only cleaned my pool and made it look perfect, but he took the time to explain how to use the system and stayed until ALL my question were answered.

Steve R. Temecula, CA